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FR23QF13 – 5 Star

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Firstly decide on your budget

Next work through our 3 step booking process


Select the number of people in your travelling party


Select the grade of hotel – 3, 4 , 4 star plus or 5 star.

What rooms do you need? Twin (2 single beds in one room), Double (one large bed) and Single (one bed). You will not be allowed to complete your booking until you have chosen the correct number of rooms to fit the number of travellers.


2 persons can require a twin or a double or 2 single.

3 people can select a twin and single, double and single or 3 single.

And so on.


Now you can decide if you wish to upgrade your room style or game ticket grade. IE: we may be offering a deluxe room or Eiffel Tower/sea view room at the hotel, or a Cat 1 ticket.

Check your order. Apply a discount coupon if you have one.


Enter your personal details (IE: the personal details of the person who is the lead name and making the booking. If you are travelling as a party – say 2 households, groups, etc. – you can either book as one entity or let each person book separately and then let us know immediately that you are all connected) . Here you will be asked to tick the box agreeing to our Terms of Trade, then you choose how to pay.


  • Direct Debit – Once you complete your booking, call or email us and we will arrange with you either a 30% deposit or full payment.
  • Deposit + installments – This will take you to the PARTIAL.LY app where 30% will be taken automatically. Then within 48hrs you will receive a master invoice detailing the balance and payment date/s. The PARTIAL.LY app is solely used to take the initial deposit. It is not a credit provider. Just a piece of software that calculates a % of the invoice cost.
  • Full payment – This takes you to our credit card provider platform where you can pay the total invoice value by credit or debit card.

Having processed your payment you will receive an official receipt followed by a master invoice giving (if applicable) future payment dates. To settle these upcoming payments you will be contacted 4/5 days prior and the payment will be taken over the ‘phone from a credit/debit card on the designated date.


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